Feistan At Home Product Testimonials

Feistan officially rolled out its Feistan At Home products on September 27, 2015. Irish dancers can now get the same great Feistan spray tan color for their next major competition or weekend Feis. Our at home products are easy to apply with just a single day application. The days of starting to tan on a Tuesday for a weekend Feis are over. Not only will you save time on the application process, you can control the darkness.

Feistan At Home Recent Testimonials

- I LOVE Feistan at Home. I am the worst at applying tanner. "Painting" myself with the major competition solution was so easy. The color looked fabulous! I'll definitely be picking more up. I won't have to worry about looking for spray tan vendors in other countries for majors. I'm set! - Colleen Robinson

I used it the first time this weekend on Carlin and loved it! It was the best tanner I ever used. The color was so nice and not orange at all. It didn't rub off on her socks or dress. Deff using all the time now! - Jackie Sabo-Metzinger

- Love, love, love the color of Feistan at Home!  Very easy to use with no hassle.  Streak-free and even throughout.  So easy, even the Manny can do it! I highly recommend it! :) Debbie Lynch-Webber, A.D.C.R.G., T.C.R.G.

- Feistan at home is by far the best tanning product we have used!! I have used various creams on my daughter over the years but am always fighting with streaks and uneven color. We used Feistan at O and NANs and it always looked perfect. The at home mousse turns out identical to the spray tan. Completely fool proof. It really is the best product. Thank you so much!! - Emily

- I just wanted to share how happy both my girls were with the Feistan At Home products. It was so easy and convenient to use and it was their best tan yet. Thank you! - Sheila Pendergast Cardell

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