There will be a $30 charge for Touch Ups and Resprays. This charge will be implemented for the following reasons.

1. Not following the Feistan before and after care instructions. Remember that it is always better to leave the bronzer on for as long as possible (minimum 8 hours) before showering the bronzer off.

2. Any kind of liquid or food spillage including but not limited to water, rain, your dinner, running through fountains (Yes we've seen it all)

3. Any kind of bathroom issues. Please, please, please make sure the little ones use the ladies room just before tanning.

4. If you have any kind of home tanner on your body (not including Feistan At Home). If our technicians deem it is okay with the amount of home tanner on your body then there will not be an additional charge. If the client insists on being sprayed with previous tanner on and there is an issue, then there will be an additional charge. Again, please follow our tanning instructions and review our frequently asked questions section.

5. My teacher said I'm not "dark enough". Please be aware that everybody tans differently as everyones body is different (just like when you go to the beach) We spray every client until the skin will not absorb any more solution. By adding additional, unnecessary coats of solution, it is just giving you the appearance of being darker. When the bronzer is showered off the end result will be the same no matter if you had 4 applications of solution or 40 applications.

6. The final look of your spray tan can be affected by many different issues. Some examples are the changes in a young ladies body as she is maturing, the recent introduction of antibiotics to your system, changes in diet, how well you've kept your skin hydrated & moisturized leading up to your tanning session (remember, no moisturizer on the day of your tanning session) and a host of other reasons as the skin is living & breathing.

The final decision will be that of the Feistan staff

As always, we want everyone to look their very best and we will do just that for every client!

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