Feistan At Home Directions

The tanning solution MUST be left on for a minimum of 12 hours, (24 hrs is preferred) before showering off the bronzer. The general rule for darkness is the more coats you apply and the longer you wait to shower off the bronzer the darker your tan will be. Waiting longer to shower off the bronzer is always better for a deeper, darker tan.

If your skin is dry, you should be using moisturizer leading up to your tanning application (especially on the knees) but DO NOT apply any moisturizers, creams or anything that could inhibit the absorption of the tanning solution, the day of your tanning application.


1. Shower, Exfoliate, Rinse and Dry well.


2. If you are going to shave, make sure you exfoliate & rinse again after you shave as most razors have moisture strips. Moisture strips will leave behind a residue, preventing even absorption. The last thing to do before exiting the shower is to EXFOLIATE!!!


3. DO NOT apply any creams, moisturizers, perfumes or anything that will inhibit the absorption of the solution before you tan.


4. Spray the PH Skin Prep onto the area to be tanned. You can either use the brush or your hands to smooth it out. It doesn’t have to be completely dry before applying the tanning solution. If you use the brush to smooth out the PH Skin Prep, Do not wash out the brush, just wring out the excess PH Skin Prep.


5. Pour the tanning solution into the small plastic tub.


6. Brush the tanning solution onto your skin starting at the lowest point to be tanned. You can smooth it out but you do Not have to worry about streaks, dots or lines as you are just seeing the bronzer which will be washed off. Do make sure that it’s smoothed out well in areas that will absorb a lot of solution, like your knees and behind your knees. It is best to start at the ankle and work your way up to the knee and then continue from the top of the legs down to the knee. This will keep to much solution from being applied to the knees.


7. When applying to your face, use the brush to apply and then use your hands (with the gloves) to smoothen.


8. After the first coat of tanning solution is applied, dry with a hair dryer for a minute. Apply 2 or 3more coats of tanning solution, drying between coats. (the more coats, the darker you will be. Maximum 4 coats) The general rule is 4 coats on your legs for a major competition such as Oireachtas, NANs, All Ireland’s etc. 3 coats on your legs for a local weekend Feis, 1-2 coats on your upper body and 1 coat on your neck and face.


9. Do Not put on tight fitting clothes, exercise, sweat or go in a pool. Loose clothes are recommended until the solution is 100% dry. The looser the clothes the better developed your tan will be. The best thing to wear is a skirt while you are waiting to shower off the bronzer. Do Not go to bed until the solution is 100% dry!


10. Do not shower off the bronzer for at least 12 hours, 24 hours is preferred as it will result in a darker tan. However the bronzer must be showered off before your costume goes on. The longer you wait to shower, the darker your tan will be.


11. After 12 hours or longer (the longer you wait to shower the darker and deeper your tan will be) you must take a shower to rinse off the bronzer. Using the shower water and your hands rinse off the bronzer until the water runs clear. Do NOT scrub with a washcloth, but do not be afraid to touch the tanned area. Dry with a towel by patting the tanned area. If your tan does not look uniform after your shower, that is an indication that you did not rinse off all of the bronzer. Go back into the shower and finish rinsing off the bronzer.


12. When you are completely done tanning and have showered off the bronzer, apply moisturizer to help keep your skin moisturized, hydrated and to help your tan last longer.


13. Don’t forget to rinse your brush when finished and pour the excess solution back into the bottle for future use. Please wear the supplied gloves to avoid getting tanning solution on your hands as it will take a very long time to come off. It is advised to place a towel underneath the person being tanned. Any solution that gets on the towel will come out in the wash as well as your loose fitting clothes.


Feistan at Home will retain its efficacy for 3 months from date of purchase when it is stored below 70 degrees and out of direct sunlight. A cool dry environment will extend the shelf life of the product.

While the bottles have been tested, it is still recommended to travel with the ph skin prep and tanning solution in a zip lock bag as you would with other bottles of liquid.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive mucus membranes.  For External Use Only

This product does NOT contain sunscreen SPF=0.

Paragon Free ~ Gluten Free ~ 100% Vegan ~ Nut Allergen Free

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