Frequently Asked Questions for Airbrush Spray Tanning

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1. How Does Air Brush Spray Tanning Work?

  • Your body is sprayed with a solution that contains a percentage of DHA (DiHydroxyacetone), a colorless solution that reacts with the protein in the outermost surface of your skin.  When DHA and the protein in your skin oxidize, it creates a brown temporary color.  The solution also contains a bronzer which helps in the oxidation process and helps the technician create a uniform tan.

2. Is Air Brush Spray Tanning Safe?

  • DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Canadian Health Ministry. It is a non-toxic solution.  DHA based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, the American Academy of Dermatology, The Canadian Dermatology Association, and the American Medical Association.

3. What Type of Clothes do I Need for my Appointment?

  • Have loose dark colored cotton clothing with you, Preferably a Skirt instead of shorts, to put on after your Feistan(this will help avoid any issues while pulling up a pair of shorts right after your tanning procedure). Hotel management and security requests that dancers do Not walk around in bathing suits or equivalent. Bring a Skirt! Have flip flops with you to wear after you’ve been tanned.
  • Wear underwear or a bathing suit (you will be tanned in either of the two, whichever you are more comfortable in. All of our technicians are female.
  • DO NOT wear deodorant, moisturizer, perfume, or makeup to you appointment as any of these could hinder your skins ability to absorb the spray tanning solution. Make sure any and all sweat is thoroughly washed off. Even the slightest amount of sweat can hinder the absorption of the tan.

4. Will I Look Orange or Streaky?

  • No! Orange color is the result of older tanning agents that are no longer used in the spray tanning industry or the result of tanning pills.  The DHA solution that Feistan uses is more refined and of a much higher quality than DHA solutions that were used in the past.  Streakiness is caused by the improper application of home tanning creams and sprays.

5. Will My Tan Be Instant?

  • Yes your tan will be an instant tan that will continue to develop over the next six to twelve hours.  Please follow the tanning instructions for the best results. However your true tan will be revealed after you wash off the bronzer. (8 hrs. minimum, the longer you wait to shower off the bronzer the better)

6. Should I apply moisturizer after I wash the bronzer off?

  • Yes, It is important to keep skin moisturized after spray tanning as dry, flaky skin will come off faster and the color will fade sooner. Moisturizing slows down the body’s natural exfoliation process.

7. Does The Tanning Solution Contain Any Sunscreen?

  • No!  The tanning solution does not provide any protection from the sun and does not contain any sunscreen.

8. When Should I Get a Manicure or a Pedicure?

  • At least 36 hours before your air brush spray tanning appointment.

9. Can I Go Swimming Or Workout?

  • The same answer for showering applies to working out.  You must wait at least 8 hours to give the DHA time to react with your skin before disturbing the application.  Swimming should be avoided completely until after you compete.  The chlorine can have an adverse affect on your tan.

10. I Have Waited At Least 8 Hours to shower After My Spray Tan, Why Did The Shower Water Turn Brown?

  • The bronzer in the solution is temporary and it is what gave you the immediate color.  The real color is the result of the DHA reacting with the proteins in your skin.  The real color develops behind the bronzer over 8 – 10 hours.  So do not be alarmed when taking your first shower.  The brown is the bronzer and it is supposed to come off.  The lasting color is what is left behind.

11. Will The Tan Rub Off On My Clothes, Socks or Bed sheets?

  • There is a good chance that the bronzer will come off on your clothes and/or bed sheets before you take your first shower after the air brush spray tan is applied.  It will come out in the wash as long as you do not wait and extremely long amount of time to wash the items.  We recommend that you wear dark colored, older, loose fitting clothes.  It is not recommended that you wear your dance socks, your costume, or tights before you have showered and rinsed the bronzer off after at least 8 hours.